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Taking Up Space BHM Spotlight: The Period Doctor

Friends of Free Flow, today is Friday, so we are coming to you with our first Black Women

led business/organization doing important, impactful work in the menstrual space.


First up, we are super excited to highlight Dr. Charis Chambers aka, The Period Doctor (@theperioddoctor). Dr. Chambers was born in Nashville, Tennessee and is an OB/GYN with fellowship training in Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology. A proud graduate of Spelman College and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., we fell in love with Dr. Chambers via her social media platform, The Period Doctor, where she provides education on poorly understood womens health topics and debunks common myths and misconceptions. 


What makes this brand unique? As the Period Doctor, Dr. Chambers recognizes an unmet need in women's health and wellness. Often times the lack of diversity in the medical space creates physicians who lack the cultural competence, that is not only necessary, but often times, a critical component to best care practices for women of color. We are so grateful for the work that Dr. Chambers does as an expert in this field, and for the representation she provides! After all knowledge is power!


You can follow Dr. Chambers at @theperioddoctor or visit her website

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