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Happy International Women's History Month!

Happy International Women's Month

Happy International Women's History Month, everyone! Free Flow is an all Black woman owned nonprofit aimed at inspiring and supporting girls and women around the world. Free Flow believes women and girls should live in a world where they are supported, and free to menstruate every month, without worry. Our slogan “A Movement For Women, By Women” is the definition of women empowerment through taking care of one another.

This month on social media we introduced the board members one by one- including the three newest members. Let's give a warm welcome to Kimberly Steward, Raquila-D'Nai Smith, and Brienne Jamieson! As an all Black women run nonprofit, transitioning from Black History Month to International Women’s History Month is the definition of Intersectionality.

We had so much fun introducing and re-introducing ourselves to all of you. You can find the bio for each individual board member below. You can also click each picture to see the video post on Free Flow, Inc's Instagram account.


Morgan Frazier, President

Morgan Frazier is an entrepreneur, social activist, and humanitarian. A graduate of Old Dominion University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Women's Studies with an emphasis in public policy, Morgan lives by the mantra "To whom much is given, much is required." A wife to a Air force husband and mom to twin toddlers, Morgan has committed her life to service with her passion specifically focusing on women and girls, pushing them to pursue their life's purpose by encouraging education and cultivating self worth. It was this passion that made way to one of her most proud roles as the Founder and President of Free Flow, Inc..

When asked the question "why is Free Flow's work important to you?" She answered: “Free Flow is purpose driven work. The ability for women and girls to live up to their fullest potential, often relies on whether or not their basic needs are met. Free Flow serves as a vehicle towards a more equitable society for women and girls by ensuring that the can have the opportunity to fully show up in spaces and not be burdened by the lack of accessibility to one of life’s most basic hygienic needs.

Danielle Armstrong, Vice President

Danielle Armstrong serves as the Vice President for Free Flow, Inc. since its founding in 2018. In addition to supporting Free Flow, she's a yoga enthusiast, audiobook listener and  master project manager.

When asked the question "why is Free Flow's work important to you?" She states: "Free Flow the Movement ensures everyone has access to menstrual hygiene items, regardless of their financial situation. We help to address period poverty and support the well-being of individuals who may otherwise struggle to access these essential products. Our work plays a critical role in promoting equity and dignity for all individuals experiencing menstruation."

Sierra Robinson, Secretary

Sierra Robinson has served as the Secretary for Free Flow, Inc. since it was founded in 2018. In addition to supporting Free Flow, she's a newly published author of a children’s book, Girls Like Me From A to Z and an avid traveler!  In her free time you can catch her on a flight or somewhere with some sand and sun!

When asked the question "why is Free Flow's work important to you?" She said: "Free Flow’s work is important because more than half of our population menstruates and we all deserve equitable access to menstrual hygiene products and to not be ashamed of our cycles! Without our periods, none of us would be here so it is important that we care for ALL women regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status as we keep the world going!"  

Anye Moorer, Treasurer

Anye Moorer serves as Treasurer for Free Flow, Inc since it's founding in 2018. Her professional background is in Governance, Risk, and Compliance within the Cybersecurity field, where she specializes in developing the policies and procedures that keep organizations secure. Outside of work, she's passionate about exploring new restaurants and cuisines, as well as traveling and immersing herself in different cultures.

When asked the question "why is Free Flow's work important to you?" Any answered: "Free Flow's work deeply resonates with me because I understand firsthand the stigma and shame that can surround menstruation.  I believe everyone deserves a worry-free period experience. Education about menstrual health, including understanding normal bodily functions, is essential. Additionally, menstrual hygiene products are a basic necessity and should be freely accessible to all."

Brienne Jamieson, Board Member

Brienne Jamieson is a newly appointed Board Member at Free Flow Movement, Inc, and founder + owner of the lifestyle blog, Jamieson Diaries. She is from the Chicagoland suburbs, a USAF wife for the last 11 years, girl Mom x2, fur-Mom x2 and Loyola University Chicago Alumna. Her current community roles include: Teacher’s Aide in her local school district and Coach for Special Olympics Montana. Her hobbies include being a book worm, foodie, consumed by wanderlust.

When asked “why is Free Flow’s work important to you?” Brie states: “Free Flow’s work is important to me because period education had a direct positive impact on me. My Mom taught me at a young age about my period and empowered me to be prepared for when it arrived. Not only is the education important, but being able to provide period products to little girls who lack access is how we take care of one another. It takes a village!”


Raquila-D'Nai Smith, Board Member

Raquila-D’Nai Smith is a mother to two creative and brave daughters, a psychology professor at Louisiana Tech University, a public speaker and consultant who coaches C-Suite executives on the integration of emotional intelligence into their leadership. She owns & hosts an internationally downloaded podcast called- Mommy Couch Confessions. As a community educator and supporter, Raquila-D’Nai recently served on a project highlighting the historical existence of enslaved individuals at Barksdale AFB and personally penned the memorial’s dedication inscription.

When asked, “why is Free Flow’s work important to you?” She said: Her goal is to make menstration a common conversation and increase awareness of period poverty through advocacy and communication so that young women to come may not have to experience the shame and lack that so many know today.”

Kimberly Steward, Board Member

Kimberly Steward is a newly appointed Board Member of Free Flow Movement Inc.,residing in Bossier City, LA. She currently serves as a Budget Analyst with the United States Air Force -and- owns a bi-coastal wedding planning agency, By K. Steward Weddings & Events Planning LLC. Kim recently added: Master of Science in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Human Resource Performance to her list of accomplishments and degrees.

When asked, “why is Free Flow’s work important to you?" She states: “The answer is simple. I believe in the work and brand. Ending period poverty isn’t just a trendy topic, it’s a movement and I want to be a part of it.”


Now that we've properly introduced ourselves let’s continue to do the work to “Educate • Advocate • Eradicate” the importance of worry free menstrual hygiene for women & girls around the world.

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