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  • Contributor: Anya Lambin


When I first had my period, I was about 13 years old. I knew what to do already because I had learned about it in school.

My mother never really talked to me about menstruation, and yet she expected me to tell her when I got my period. I just kind of hid it from her, until one day she found out about it.

I hated having to wear pads, because they were so gigantic, and you could see them through your pants when you wore them. I hated having my periods in school and having to go to the bathroom to change. I just hated the whole ordeal. I think it has to do with the fact that it was never communicated to me on how to handle it and because of that, I was ashamed of having my period.

I was always feeling embarrassed when I got it and felt like everyone knew I had it and could tell based on the pad I was wearing (you know they were gigantic). I hated talking about periods or anything related to menstruation. I feel like now, I don’t really care about it. It comes, and it goes. I can talk about menstruation freely without feeling ashamed. I think back then “menstruation” was frowned upon or tabooed. I know that menstruation is a normal part of being a woman and is “needed” to be pregnant. I am more open to talk about menstruation and try different menstruation products. I think as a society we are beginning to value women more and it reflects in certain topics that were forbidden to talk about.

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