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Juneteenth & More 2024

Juneteenth & More

Happy Sunday and last day of June! It feels like this month has flown by with summer making its official arrival. This month Free Flow celebrated Juneteenth & more! We brought you another Do You Know series, and learned about national lemon month. As we anticipate more celebrations and work in July let’s recap June!


Juneteenth is a special holiday to the board members of Free Flow for many reasons. We especially leaned into what it means to be a Black woman owned and run non-profit all due to the sacrifices of those before us. You can check out our Juneteenth post on Instagram and/or on LinkedIn.

Free Flow Movement Juneteenth

Our Do You Know series this month concentrated on facts about birth control.

  • Did you know: birth control isn't just for family planning?

  • Did you know: birth control doesn't stop your period permanently?

  • Did you know: you can delay your menstrual cycle with hormonal birth control?

You can find these posts with all details on Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

Do You Know Birth control

Did you know June is National Lemon Month? And did you know there are direct benefits from lemons to help you while on your period? Pretty awesome, right?! You can find more details on the benefits of lemon during your period on Instagram.

National Lemon Month

National Lemon Month

That’s a wrap for June and we will see you again at the end of July! If you’re going to participate in 4th of July activities this week please be safe!

Talk to you soon,

Free Flow Movement

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