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  • Sierra Robinson

Free Flow in Panama

When COVID-19 halted our trip to Panama, we almost thought we wouldn't be able to make a donation at all! Thanks to a member of the Free Flow network, Mrs. Charlotte Van Horn, we were able to connect with Ms. Celia Turner, of Afrodescendientes Panameños and a network of more than 7 other women to donate over 5,000 products to five Provinces throughout Panama!

This page will be used to provide updates on all of our Panama initiatives.

Our Free Flow in Panama members are pictured below:

Ms. Celia Turner, Dr. Melida Harris Barrows, Lic. Enilda Wason, Prof. Veronica Thorpe, Prof. Elizabeth Rule, Lic. Meyvis Blackman, Prof. Xenia Haughton, Dilka Kennedy, , Not Pictured - Ing. Tatiana Chavez, Lic. Lilibeth Vasquez, Irma McArthy, and Dra. Leticia Thomas .

If you would like to join Free Flow in Panama, or would like to learn more information on how to get involved, please email

After months of collecting donations and figuring out the logistics of getting the products to Panama, they have finally arrived! Check out the pictures and videos below of Ms. Turner receiving the products.

The first province that is receiving some of our products is Darien! The Mayor of Darien will be coming to collect the products form Ms. Turner.

Check back to see updated videos as the products are distributed throughout Panama!

Free Flow will continue to work these women, to send donations to Panama on an ongoing basis, through our Free Flow in Panama project. Please use the links below to donate directly to the Free Flow in Panama Project.

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