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Free Flow is a 501(c)(3) non - profit organization that focuses on the impacts and affects of menstrual hygiene management for women and girls around the world. A movement for women, by women, Free Flow believes women and girls should live in a world where they are supported and free to menstruate, every month, without worry.

How We Make A Difference

Period Pop Up

Toiletry Drive

Having limited access to sanitary products and water for washing, something as normal as having a period can be a difficult challenge.

Period Pop Ups are toiletry drive events aimed at collecting menstruation essentials to provide directly to women and girls in need. 

  • Collect- collect donated items

  • Arrange- host an event where volunteers come out and help go through these products and arrange them into bags to hand out

  • Distribute- Distribute items to women and girls in the community and abroad.


Let's Talk about Periods

Periods can be uncomfortable to talk about, even with your partner, your family, or a doctor. This is why we are excited to share #PeriodTalk . #PeriodTalk is a safe space to freely and openly talk about, you guessed it... PERIODS! Part of the stigma in society lies in the fact that periods and menstruation aren't often discussed. We want to change that. To normalize the rhetoric revolving around periods, we wanted to create a community where we (and you) can share stories, experiences ( especially those embarrassing ones...), tips, and empower women and girls to embrace their periods!

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Disaster Relief Period Bank

Because Periods Don't Stop During Natural Disasters

During natural disasters, many people provide food, water, clothing and sometimes medicine, but one thing is often overlooked; the pressing need of securing menstrual hygiene for women and girls. The Disaster Relief Period Bank allows Free Flow to build a "bank" full of sanitary products so when disaster strikes, we are ready to provide women and girls their essential items

The Period Project

One Step at a Time

Girls and women living in poverty are typically left to access tampons and pads on their own. According to a 2015 research study conducted by the Huffington Post, women spend a total of $18,171 on their periods in their lifetime. Free Flow Period Project creates an opportunity for Free Flow to partner with schools, shelters, and other organizations and directly donate sanitary products to those in need, while educating on the importance of feminine hygiene.

Free Flow, Inc. is a Virginia nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation

"Real Girls Talk About Their Periods."

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